About us

The district office of Lobeda was established  in 1998. Since then it informs about the district Lobeda, takes on tasks of citizen participation and is a drop-in centre for the population of Lobeda. In 2002, the district office moved into the renovated and redesigned gallery in Lobeda-West.

Tasks and Objectives

The aim is to increase the attractiveness of the city, the stabilisation of social structures and the promotion of the identification of residents with the district.
Focal points are:

  • release of the town newspaper for Lobeda
  • Information and public relation
  • receive of wishes and reviews
  • mediation and consultation on the concerns and complaints
  • cooperation and networking with facilities and institutions
  • support and the development of projects and initiatives
  • promotion of cultural activities in the district


The district office is funding from the Free State of Thuringia and the city of Jena.


The district office is certified practice location of the Ernst Abbe-University and other Universities of Applied Scinces in Thuringia and Saxony. Comparable professions are also welcome.


Supporter is the KOMME e.V. Jena. The organisation also conduct the children and youth center KLEX, the multifunctional center for culture, encounter and sport site KuBuS and school social work at the undenominational schools “Lobdeburgschule", "Kaleidoskopschule” und “Kulturanum”.


It is possible to use the Internet in the district office, to copy documents or to fax something.